Information about the application

About mygpstrack system

Mygpstrack is fully functional complete GPS tracking system. You may use it to track your cars, families and friends. You may even use it to export tracks to a local gps and kml format and later use by external applications like GeoTag to tag your pictures.

Web features:

  • simple
  • allows live tracking
  • track statistics
  • altitudes graph
  • multiple users
  • user authentication
  • Google Maps API v3
  • OpenLayers v2
  • ajax
  • server based configuration
  • user preferences stored in cookies
Login to mygpstrack webpage
Sidebar of mygpstrack webpage
Google view of mygpstrack webpage
Openstreet maps view of mygpstrack webpage

Client features:

  • simple
  • runs in the background
  • starts automatically once device is restarted/booted
  • multiple settings and customization available
  • stores data in local database once connection to server is lost
  • uploads locations to server automaticaly once connection is restored
  • Supports old Android devices from 2.3.6 and all the newest ones
Main page of mygpstrack client
Settings page of mygpstrack client

Want to setup your own server?

If you want to install the web based part of mygpstrack please download it from the following link (coming soon)


  • PHP 5.1.2
  • MYSQL 4.1
  • browser with javascript enabled, cookies for authentication and saving preferences