How to

start using mygpstrack

Download mygpstrack application

  1. Install mygpstrack from Google Play
  2. Start mygpstrack
  3. Go to Settings using your menu key
  4. Define your user name and password (account will be created automatically)
  5. Define your Device ID (this will be used to identify your device)
  6. In default configuration server URL is setup to our free server. You may change it to your own.
  7. Change the frequency of your updates. Please be aware that more frequents updates are set then more CPU and battery is needed.

Open mygpstrack webpage

  1. Click on "Tracking login" on top of the page
  2. Login with user name and password you used in your device configuration
  3. Choose device you want to monitor
  4. Enjoy!
You may use multiple Device IDs with the same username and password to track all devices you have.

How to conserve battery

  • Increase time between GPS location queries
  • Decrease number of tries to get a better location