Complete free GPS tracking system.

mygpstrack is fully functional complete GPS tracking system. You may use it to track your cars, families and friends. You may even use it to export tracks to a local gps and kml format and later use by external applications like GeoTag to tag your pictures.

Track your cars and fleet

Take your old smartphone. Instal mygpstrack. Connect and hide it in your car. Track location on the webpage.

Find your family and friends

Install mygpstrack on any smartphone. Enable tracking and track location of your family memebers and your friends on the webpage.

Free server

Access to free server storing your tracks for all your devices.

Export tracks

Export tracks to popular kml and gpx formats. Use them with external applications. Tag your photos with gps locations using i.e. GeoTag


You can install the web part application on your own server.

Maciej Budzyński

Contact me if you have any ideas, issues or problems with mygpstrack